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Through Cultivation of Sexual Energy

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Awakening, cultivation and arousal of sexual energy creates some of the most-powerful trance states.More that that, when used purposefully, sexual energy can lead to rejuvenation

Here are some of the interesting books you may wish to explore in greater depth:

Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress
by Hsi Lai

Reveals how the sexual practices of the White Tigress can preserve and restore a woman's physical youthfulness and mental energy. * The first modern guide to White Tigress techniques, the only sexual teachings exclusively for women. * Reveals for the first time in English the hidden teachings of immortaless Hsi Wang Mu, a White Tigress from 3,000 years ago. * Provides Western medical correlations to substantiate White Tigress practices.

The Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon: Taoist Methods for Male Sexual Revitalization
by Hsi Lai

Reveals how the sexual practices of the Taoist Jade Dragon can help men achieve "immortality" through the enhancement of their sexual prowess. * A companion guide to The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress that focuses on the male side of White Tigress sexual practices. * Reveals the nine Jade Dragon exercises and other Taoist techniques for achieving the elixir of immortality. * Provides exercises for penis enlargement.

Healing Love through the Tao:Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
by Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia

This book will change your life! It forever changes the way you view sex, sexual energy, and intimacy. The exercises alone are wonderful and transformational as well. I cannot say enough good things about the information contained in this book. The exercises are challenging but once they are mastered they completely enhance you and your entire life both spiritually and sexually.

Healing Love:Taoist Sexual Energy Cultivation (2 video tapes)
by Mantak Chia

On this tape Master Chia guides you through the steps for conserving and transforming your generative force by circulating it from the sexual organs to the higher energy centers via the Microcosmic Orbit. Master Chia teaches you how to circulate the sexual energy without a partner in order to redirect the force back into your body for healing and spiritual development. He also teaches how to deepen your level of orgasm, and how to exchange this energy with a partner, for physical, emotional and spiritual balancing.

Tantric Love:A Nine-Step GuideLovers into Soul Mates
by Ma Ananda Sarita

Tantric Love unlocks the secret powers of meditation, breathing, massage, and more to help you celebrate and revitalize your love life. Each chapter focuses on one of the chakras -- or energy centers -- in the body and offers simple exercises that will help you share this energy and open the door to ecstasy.

Jewel in the Lotus:The Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness:A Complete and SystematicCourse in Tantric Kriya Yoga
by Sunyata Saraswati

In this course you will learn how to generate and conserve the sexual energy; circulate that energy through your body to heal and rejuvenate yourself; build up energy for longer, more intense orgasm; direct orgasmic energy to brain and awaken dormant brain cells, expanding your senses; be aware or the inner workings of your body/mind; attune yourself to the cosmic; recognize your divinity.

Taoist Secrets of Love:Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
by Mantak Chia

Sex has unlimited potential. Chia's sensible exercises point the direction toward sexual enjoyment, health and general well being. Before sexual tantra became popular, Mantak Chia was teaching people how to spiritualize their sexual relationships with this book.

The Multi-Orgasmic Man:Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know
by Mantak Chia

the methods that are described in this book DO work and a couple (or if you want to do the solo routine) can go for as long as they like thanks to the instructions given. The book also talks about changes that a man goes through in life and how that effects sexuality and ways to fight to keep things up (yeah, pun intended).
As you read the history of the Eastern culture of which this is based in it was interesting to see how sex was seen thousands of years ago as a medicinal treatment to certain ailments. Imagine going to your doctor and he prescribes you to take two orgasms and call him in the morning. Well apparently the Chinese medicine people were on to something when they would routinely do that.

Seduce them with hypnosis Click here for Seduction and Sexual Magnetism
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