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Grow Taller Hypnosis
Free Tips For Height Increase

Helpful Tips For Growing Taller Using
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Grow Taller Now - Height Increase with Hypnosis

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Most companies that sell different kinds of supplements for height increase also state that you need to use the power of your mind - imagination, belief, etc. They just don't tell you what to do and what NOT to do. Certain attitudes will just UNDO all the effort you put into it.

If what you are using supplements for height increase or stretching exercises and they are giving you the results you desire - great! Just keep doing what is working for you already. If what you're doingi is not bringing you the results you desire, you may consider engaging the power of your mind - your imagination.

It's the desire to grow and IMAGINING YOURSELF AS IF YOU ARE ALREADY AS TALL AS YOU DESIRE that will create a new pattern in your subconscious mind and your body will follow. This process ALWAYS works if you do it correctly. Depending on your skill leve in using the power of your mind and on your level of faith in the power of your imnd, you will either experience instant results or, more likely if you're reading this page, it will take you a little bit of patience and practice.

Here's What NOT TO DO
When Using the Power of Your Miind Through
Self-Hypnosis to Grow Taller

  • Feelings of anxiety, impatience, wondering whether it's working or not, wondering when it's going to work are simply programming your mind for failure.

  • When you worry whether it's working or not is imagining your body the way you DON'T WANT it to be and you are impressing this image deeper and deeper upon your subconscious and making it more difficult to experience growth. Any thought accompanied by emotion becomes impressed upon your subconscious mind and your body must express it sooner or later.

  • Talking about your "inner work" will dissipate the energy your body would otherwise use for growth.

It's very much like this: Imagine that you are blowing an air into a balloon. (The air here symbolizes the energy you put into growing taller) Every time you sit down, relax, and spend half an hour really getting into this FEELING of how it would feel having this tall body and IMAGINING your BODY AS TALL AS YOU WANT IT TO BE - you are filling up this balloon. Every time you decide to talk about using your mind to grow taller - you are letting the air out of the balloon and are not making much progress. So, if you do decide to experiment with using your mind to grow taller - KEEP SILENT UNTIL YOU SEE THE RESULTS YOU DESIRE.

Here's What Will Help You
To Grow Taller with Self Hypnosis

  • Noticing the relationship between your thoughts/emotions and your body (and life) will as well as practicing using your mind power when dealing with minor things that are not so important to you will help you to become aware of your mind-body connection and it will help you to BUILD CONFIDENCE in the process.

When you understand how the process works and when you KNOW that it works from your own experience, you will be cured from all worries, impatience and anxiety and wondering whether it's working - so you will be able to ALLOW THE GROWTH TO HAPPEN.

The Bonus Reports of the Growing Taller Program thoroughly explains the principles that make Growing Taller possible and provides you with numerous exercises that help you to strengthen your Mind-Body connection and completely understand the process.

If you choose to experiment on your own, here's a list of resources you may find helpful.

Remember to Let Go, Trust and Have Faith
in Your Ability to Grow Taller Now

  • As long as you rely on your personal power to grow taller, you are not going to see much progress. You may strain and struggle all you like, you will not see much progress UNTIL you realize that your part is merely to CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT - HOW TALL DO YOU WANT TO BE and convey that desire to your subconscious mind and then LET GO of the process and LET your subconscious (superconscious, Universal Mind Power, God - or whatever you want to call it) take over.

Here's the trick! As long as you try to force the growth by your own power, you'll just find yourself exhausted and won't make much progress. When you accept the fact that IT'S NOT YOU (your conscious, personal self) who's doing the growing, but the INFINITE POWER within you and when you LET IT DO ITS PART, by trusting it completely and DETACHING from the outcome (just letting it happen whenever it happens in the same way that you choose to forget about the day's event and surrender to sleep at night-time) - then you'll notice the results.

Pray, Imagine, Visualize Yourself Growing Taller

Whether you want to call the process hypnosis, prayer, visualization, imagination, or engaging the power of mind - is irrelevant. The process that makes it work is just the same.

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