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"Ye are Gods" - Annalee Skarin


Praise releases the vibrations that complete and fulfill all things and all conditions and the individual who lifts his heart in joyous, singing praise.

It is the complete acknowledgment of God! It is the tones of singing, creative fulfillment in their fullest measure of release! Praise is that "Glory to God!" vibration that is sent forth from an overflowing heart, bursting with joy!"

Gratitude, when released from a singing, grateful heart, is a vibration of limitless power. It is visible to spiritualized eyes as the ruby-red ray. It is the ray of courage and acceptance and increase.

Praise releases the golden ray of glory - the vibration of triumphant overcoming as it fulfills all things.

The third, major ray, is the divine, exquisite blue ray of Christ. It is beautiful beyond words or human utterance. It is known as the Christ ray of "Faith", or love in its fullest expression. This ray is brought forth by the individual's power to believe or to be and live according to his highest hopes and purest vision. This divine, blue ray of faith holds within it the keys of absolute knowing.

These rays, when sent forth knowingly are all powerful.

As one masters the three major vibrations of praise and love and gratitude, he will have the power to step forth into the realms of supreme achievement. Then it is that one is fulfilled - or "filled with the fullness of God!"

"Ye Are Gods by Annalee Skarin