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Shapeshifting and Grokking
Esoteric - Metaphysical
Hypnosis mp3 Downloads and CDs

Shapeshifting is the ability to change shape or form in some way, whether that form is your own, or of anything which may be part of the environment.

The recordings on this website relate to changing your own form, partially or completely. You are a multi-dimensional being. Hence, you have the ability to change form in different dimensions of existence and experience.

What would you like to shapeshift into?

For most people in the west, shapeshifting conjures up images of werewolves and cat-people, because these were most frequently portrayed through movies and stories.

In India, you'll find stories about yogis shapeshifting into tigers, so that they'd be left alone to meditate in peace.

Shamans may shapeshift or grok into any form of life they'd like to learn more about, heal and sometimes control.

Grokking, a term coined by Robert Heinlein, stands for the experience of at-one-ment, where you, as an observer, merge totally with that which you observe, losing your identity in the process and becoming that which you're observing.

A shaman may grok into a body of water, like ocean or lake, or rain to control its effect on the environment and protect the community.

You may already feel affinity for a specific species or form you'd like to shapeshift, according to your consciousness. For example, a cat-loving people would most likely feel affinity for shapeshifting into some kind of a "big cat", while dog-loving people would most likely feel affinity for shapeshifting into "wolf-like creatures".

Those with shamanic inclinations may want to explore other totem animals and beings from various earthly kingdoms, and those with higher spiritual inclinations may be more inclined toward "heavenly" kingdoms.

Stages of Shapeshifting
and Grokking

Shapeshifting occurs first in consciousness, then on energy level, and finally on physical level. Everything manifests in the same way - from an idea which shapes the energy, and in time manifests on physical level. The time frame may be instant or it may take years.

A person having a multiple personality disorder may have green eyes when one personality appears and brown eyes the next moment when the another personality appears. The physical body simply reflects the change of consciousness expressing through it at that moment.

You, too can experience instant transformation of some part of your body or the whole body in an instant by training your consciousness.

An actor trains himself to step into and out of different roles and some actors can produce instant visible changes in their bodies, being for example, a couple of inches taller, just by stepping into a new state of mind.

Different styles of kung fu martial arts have been developed based on observation of movements of different animals. To the best of his ability, a martial artist becomes inwardly (on an energy level) an animal whose movements and particular skills he desires to emulate. He doesn't just imitate the postures outwardly, but identifies with the essence of the animal he desires to express.

In Scandinavian countries, fierce Viking warriors - berserkers - went into battle "without coats of mail and acted like mad dogs and wolves" (Snorri Sturluson. Heimskringla: History of the Kings of Norway. trans. Lee M. Holander. Austin: U of Texas P. 1964. p.10). The berserker was often said to change into a bestial form, or at least to assume the ferocious qualities of the wolf or bear.

Kveldulfr in Egil's Saga Skallagrimsonar was spoken of as a shapechanger (Hermann Palsson and Paul Edwards, trans. Egil's Saga. NY: Penguin. 1976. p. 21), and Hrolf's Saga tells of the hero Bjarki, who takes on the shape of a bear in battle:

"Men saw that a great bear went before King Hrolf's men, keeping always near the king. He slew more men with his forepaws than any five of the king's champions. Blades and weapons glanced off him, and he brought down both men and horses in King Hjorvard's forces, and everything which came in his path he crushed to death with his teeth, so that panic and terror swept through King Hjorvard's army..." (Gwyn Jones. Eirik the Red and Other Icelandic Sagas. NY: Oxford U.P. 1961. p. 313).

Another quality possessed by berserkers is immunity to weapons. The berserker sometimes inherently possessed this immunity, while other times performed spells (that's hypnosis) to induce it. Some berserkers also had special powers to blunt weapons by his gaze. Many tales say of their berserkers, "no weapon could bite them" or "iron could not bite into him." This concept of immunity may have evolved from the berserker's rage, during which the berserk might receive wounds, but due to his state of frenzy take no note of them until the madness passed from him. A warrior who continued fighting while bearing mortal wounds would surely have been a terrifying opponent. On the other hand, if you're familiar with "iron shirt" and "iron body" practices from kung fu, you may want to compare the development of such immunity. You can also compare the development of such immunity with the practices from other traditions (e.g. yogis, dervishes, etc.)

Everything is Shapeshifting

Everyone and everything is shapeshifting over time because everything that is manifested constantly changes. Your body is different now than it was 5, 10 or 20 years ago. Your body changes all the time, but the moment to moment changes may not be so apparent and you may have varying degrees of conscious awareness of what goes through your mind and how your thoughts and emotions influence your body moment to moment.

Just imagine, each moment the old cells in your body are becoming replaced with new cells. Each moment some aspects of your body are completely new. But your subconscious programming has a powerful effect on how your body changes, and so it keeps replicating the body in a way that you have grown accustomed to, in your consciousness, in a way that to you feels like you.

A shaman or a yogi who lives from a state of consciousness, fully aware or awakened that the whole universe is made out of consciousness, may change his body instantly into whatever he desires because he has trained himself to do so.

However a shaman or a yogi may or may not want to shapeshift altogether on the physical level. His purpose may not be to change the form but to gather the information. He may want to learn about the healing properties of a plant. He may want to commune with the wisdom of the spirit of particular species.

And for his purposes assuming a form in an inner world, becoming a plant, an animal, or any kind of element or being, may be sufficient. He may do it in "dream time", on energy level or what some would call "astral realm".

He may want to experience different states of consciousness, different states of being, for the purpose of learning and expanding his own consciousness and understanding and then using that knowledge for personal growth and to help the community.

Or he may want to assume another physical form to fulfill some other purpose.

A slight difference between grokking and shapeshifting is that grokking entails a transfer of consciousness into a form that already exists, and for that purpose Super Mind 2 hypnosis recording may be more appropriate; while in shapeshifting you are not transferring consciousness into something that has a physical form, but are changing the existing physical form.

Still, both in grokking and shapeshifting you are assuming a form from within you. This is what I meant when I said in an earlier article on this page that all shapeshifting occurs on an energy level. The article was replicated across the internet and I (Laura De Giorgio) got emails from people asking more questions about physical shapeshifting.

What do you feel comfortable being?

You are not the physical body. You are pure consciousness. But whatever beliefs you have about yourself and your body will influence your shapeshifting experience. What you think about yourself day in and day out influences what is happening with your body, whether you intend it or not. However, your intentions, being more focused, exert a more powerful effect on your body.

Assumption of God Forms

Assumption of God Forms is a variation of shapeshifting. Since your form is an expression of your consciousness, you can take on any form you desire.

And while shamans may gravitate toward plant and animal species of earthly kingdoms, high magicians and spiritual aspirants may gravitate toward embodying varieties of spiritual powers and expanding consciousness by practicing assumption of God forms.

An average human being, from childhood pretends to be in his mind that which he would like to actualize in outer reality. He may pretend to be a doctor, an architect, a musician and while playing, in his inner world he is already that which he desires to experience.

Or, a person in a company desiring to be promoted, starts thinking and acting in a way that corresponds to his intended outcome long before that becomes his reality.

Likewise, a spiritual aspirant becomes in his inner experience that which he desires to actualize in his life. He embodies his lofty ideals. He assumes a form of a being he desires to emulate.

While the absolute reality and one's true nature is formless pure consciousness, assumption of forms is a stepping stone in a learning experience and expansion of consciousness. Bodies, whether physical or those used in dream world and other realities are vehicles of expression of the consciousness.

And so, some people may not care about having the experience of being a Siberian tiger, jaguar, wolf, an oak tree or a carrot, an ocean or a fire, but may want to experience what does it feel like being a Zeus or Aphrodite, Shiva or Lakshmi, or simply an ascended being of Light - a perfected being (Siddha).

Form As A Vehicle of Consciousness

Note that the appropriate form is simply a vehicle for the expression of consciousness. If you want to have an experience of being a ballet dancer, you need to have a slim body. If you want to have an experience of being a sumo wrestler then a sizable body would be more suitable.

Spontaneous and Practiced Shapeshifting

We all come into this world with different natural talents, abilities and inclinations and some people may find themselves more readily shapeshifting spontaneously into different forms.

As a matter of fact, as we change mental and emotional states, all of us, at least inwardly, shapeshift to some degree on energy level, if not on physical. Thinking about someone losing temper and acting beastly.

TV series "Grimm" plays exactly upon that that fact that when our higher brain gets hi-jacked through fear and the reptilian brain takes over, our lower impulses come to play, and in Grimm that results in people spontaneously shapeshifting into different beastly forms.

Our subconscious minds and the survival instinct always seek to protect our well-being and sometimes people may find themselves shapeshifting either spontaneously or intentionally into different forms for the purpose of restoring inner balance and healing.

People in highly stressed situations, under the influence of bodily chemicals, and women under the influence of raging hormones, may find themselves becoming transformed in a way that makes them feel as if they were possessed by a different kind of energy or being.

In most cases, as you're aware from your experience of living in this world, while people may feel or act beastly, they still have a discernible human form, because most people in this world live from human state of consciousness, identified with the human physical body.

A trained shaman or a yogi, would on the other hand, shapeshift at will, having control over his mind, emotions and ability.

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