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Hypnosis in the Movies

Svengali(1931)(version -1955)
Svengali (John Barrymore), an impoverished music teacher, meets a young model named Trilby (Marian Marsh) and discovers that she has a phenomenal voice. He then uses hypnotism to bring her under his control and turn her into a singing sensation.

Rasputin and the Empress (1932)
When Prince Alexis (Tad Alexander) takes ill, Princess Natasha (Diana Wynyard) advises Empress Alexandra (Ethel Barrymore) to call a holy man named Rasputin (Lionel Barrymore). By saving the Prince's life, Rasputin gains the Empress' trust and usurps control of the royal court. Only Prince Paul Chegodieff (John Barrymore) recognizes Rasputin's treachery but no one believes him until it's too late).

The Search for Bridey Murphy (1956)
A woman under hypnosis remembers a prior life...And death. Based on real-life events. On a dark and dreary day in 1952, Morey Bernstein (Louis Hayward) hypnotized Virginia Tighe (Teresa Wright). She began speaking in an Irish brogue and claimed that she was Bridey Murphy, a 19th century woman from Cork, Ireland. Bernstein hypnotized Virginia/Bridey many times after that.

Dead Again (1991)  
When Mike Church (Kenneth Branagh) tries to help beautiful amnesiac Amanda Sharp (Emma Thompson), he gets unexpected help from eccentric shop owner Franklyn Madison (Derek Jacobi).Franklyn hypnotizes Grace to recall her past life as Margaret Strauss (Emma Thompson), who was murdered by her husband Roman (Kenneth Branagh). But who is trying to kill Grace in the present?

Stir of Echoes (1998) 
Bacon plays a blue-collar guy, Tom, who laments his ordinary life, only to learn, when his sister-in-law (Ileanna Douglas) hypnotizes him, that he is a "receiver" capable of seeing spirits and split-second glimpses of past and future events. The story is a murder mystery, combined with the paranormal world of psychic experiences.

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970)
Colorful entertainment from Alan Jay Lerner-Burton Lane show about girl (Streisand) whose psychiatrist (Montand) discovers that she lived a former life, in 19th-century England. Sumptuous flashback scenes outclass fragmented modern-day plot, much of it apparently left on cutting-room floor.

The Three Faces of Eve (1957)
Joanne Woodward plays a weak and fearful home-wife which at any moment turns into a sexy, extroverted blonde. She receives psychiatric treatment of her double personality, being hypnotized by her doctor. The induction scenes are brief but realistic: the psychiatrist, Cobb,who had hypnotized her previously, practices a fast induction, regressing her to her childhood, to find possible reasons for her multiple personalities

The Magician (1958)
Complex, provocative account of Albert Emanuel Vogler (von Sydow), a 19th-century hypnotist-magician who has studied with Mesmer but finds himself debt-ridden and charged with blasphemy. A thoughtful portrait of a man who is part-faker, part-genius.

The Lightning Incident (1991)
Nancy McKeon is a pregnant mother who suffers nightmares. A friend hypnotizes her with a very well done countdown induction. She's entranced twice, once waking up during a vision and again when she sees her husband killed.

Sisters (1973)
DePalma's movie has its female protagonist drugged at the end and (evidently) programmed to forget what she has learned throughout the movie -- programmed to forget it, and moreover to deny it vehemently (so it's not just amnesia or erasure, its reprogramming). A magician's assistant hypnotizes a girl for his boss, using massage and verbal suggestions as the induction.