How To Let Go After Repeating Affirmations

Oz asks, “When I use the affirmations, do I let go by not caring about whether I get the outcome or not, whether I grow taller or not, do I just repeat the affirmations and for how long?” I have created a short video on Letting Go  Though in video I use examples from winning at […]

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Numbness and Warmth in Legs During Hypnosis

Naveen asks, Hi Laura, While listening to the hypnosis recordings I feel like there is numbness in my hands and legs. After listening to the recordings, I feel warmth in my legs. At the end of the recording you say to come out of the self hypnosis.   However, my conscious mind is active throughout the […]

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How To Get Instant Hypnosis Download and Access Downloaded files on iPhone, iPad, computer and other devices

Accessing Hypnosis Downloads on iPhone and iPad

Many people need help with accessing downloaded hypnosis, subliminal and other mp3 files on iPhone, iPad and similar portable devices, so I have created a brief presentations with instructions how to download, save and access hypnosis, subliminal, affirmations and other types of mp3 files on computer and on portable devices. You have view How To […]

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Change Your Financial History Demo

Perhaps you grew up in poverty or have been always struggling with money trying to make ends meet. Perhaps you’ve been first taught and now keep telling yourself that there’s never enough money and other things you need in life.   Now you feel stuck and would like to change your mindset so that you […]

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