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Experience Hypnosis
Hypnosis mp3 Downloads and CDs

Experience Hypnosis mp3 downloads and cds

Have you ever wondered
whether YOU CAN BE hypnotized?

Now you can discover how wonderful the state of hypnosis feels like and the wonders you can do using the power of your imagination.

Experience hypnosis recording has 2 tracks: Introduction to hypnosis, and Experiencing Hypnosis.

Introduction to hypnosis guides you through several fun suggestibility tests which will help you to experience the power of your imagination,, as well as to learn how to distinguish when you are in or out of a state of hypnosis. As your states of mind change in a course of a day, and from day to day, your experiences may vary each time - sometimes they may be very profound and you may amaze yourself with what your mind can do, while other times, it may seem as if nothing much is happening. The best way to work with this recording is with a "beginner's mind", with an open mind, allowing whatever happens to happen, without forcing anything to happen. Each time you are working with this recording pretend that you are working with it for the very first time and you will keep on have amazing experiences.

The second track of Experience hypnosis recording, guides you through few more suggestibility tests, also called "convincers", designed to help you to get into an optimal state of mind for programming your subconscious mind with desired suggestions as well as helping you to distinguish when you are in that optimal state of mind. The first part of Experience hypnosis track, also called "induction", then guides you through the process of completely relaxing your body and your mind and getting into an optimal state of mind for programming your mind for success.

The second part of the Experience Hypnosis track guides you through experience of enjoyment and openness to that which is lovely and beautiful within you and around you. It help you to expand upon that feeling and then if offers you positive suggestions for conditioning your mind for success with hypnosis.

While all hypnosis recordings are enhanced with brainwave entrainment, brainwave entrainment on hypnosis recordings is placed deeper underneath the music than on brainwave entrainment recordings.

Brainwave entrainment recordings contain no suggestions and are most suitable to put you in a state of mind where you will do self-hypnosis or engage in a process of meditation or relaxation on your own, without any guided imagery or suggestions.

Experience Hypnosis CDs and mp3s

Experience Hypnosis Deep Trance Now Hypnosis Program

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Experience Hypnosis
2 tracks Introduction to Hypnosis + Experience Hypnosis
1 Hypnosis CD (2 mp3 files)
1 CD - $24.95
Experience Hypnosis
Brainwave entrainment
(alpha / theta binaural beats)
1 CD - $24.95
Experience Hypnosis + brainwave entrainment
(alpha / theta binaural beats)
2 CDs - $39.95

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