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Embedded Commands

Hypnotic Language Patterns

An Embedded Command is a fragment of a sentence that if spoken alone would be a verbal command. Examples of embedded commands are written in italics in the commentaries on the playing cards.

An embedded command is a powerful way to make a suggestion to another person, because people won't consciously notice it, but it registers and has an impact at an unconscious level.

In order to be effective, you need to mark your embedded command, which means that you do something different while you are saying the words of the embedded command.

You can practice embedded commands by reading examples on the cards out loud, and lowering the pitch of your voice while you read the words in italics. Then try reading the same sentence, and marking the embedded command by touching the person you are talking to while you read the words in italics.

You can mark embedded commands by changing the pitch or the volume of your voice, tilting your head, looking the person in the eye, touching the person, increasing the pressure of a touch, pointing at the person, smiling, pausing just before the embedded command, etc.

You might want to practice all these ways of making embedded commands while reading the examples on the cards.