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Early Learning Set

The following narrative is a modification of this famous induction:

Will you sit back in your chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands on your thighs?

Now I want you to know that you don't need to talk. And you don't need to move. And you don't even need to listen to my voice because your unconscious mind can hear me.

For your unconscious mind really doesn't have anything of importance to do, because the important thing is the listening by your unconscious mind. Now, there are certain changes taking place of which you are unaware. Already your breathing has changed. Your respiration has slowed down, and your heart rate has slowed. Now, I'm just going to talk to you.

When you first went to school, I don't know if it was kindergarten or the first grade. But you had to learn the alphabet. And looking at all those letters seemed to be an insurmountable task. And you had to learn the difference between an A and a B, a B from a D, an M from a W and a P from a Q and upper and lower case letters.

But you learned them by creating mental images of these letters in your mind. And then you had to learn script and that seemed to be an insurmountable task, but you did it by developing images of those letters in your mind, both upper and lower case. And that has been a permanent learning that has stayed with you. All your life.

And you can learn other things like how to solve problems ...

From the book "Ericksonian Approaches"

Ericksonian Approaches
by Rubin Battino, Thomas L. South

The definitive training manual in the art of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Topics covered: The History of Hypnosis; Myths and Misconceptions; Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Inductions; Rapport-Building Skills; Language Forms; Basic and Advanced Inductions; Hypnotherapy Without Trance; Utilization of Ideodynamic Responses; Basic and Advanced Metaphor; etc.