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Instant Healing

If you stub your toe, all you have to do is repeat the same action several times, WITHOUT QUITE STUBBING YOUR TOE AGAIN, and the pain will go away.

By re-creating the pattern and CHANGING THE ENDING, you are in effect giving the subconscious mind a new memory of the event, requiring the subconscious to change the body state in conformity to the new version of what happened. The sooner you could do that after the event, the sooner the body would get back into harmony.

A man in California, one week after the training, was in his backyard building a fence. At one point he smashed his thumb hard with a hammer and then pulled the hammer back prior to dropping it and following the normal routine of jumping up and down while squeezing his thumb and cussing. At the high point of his swing away from his thumb he remembered about repeating the pattern and changing the ending, so he followed through with his swing without quite touching his thumb. He repeated that action about seventeen more times. By then his thumb barely tingled and he went on with his work. When he was through he looked at his thumb and there was neither bruising nor swelling nor pain.

A medical doctor in Texas reported that he was chopping up lettuce for salad with a knife and sliced deep into a finger. Professionally he knew it would require several stitches, but he decided to try out the crazy idea anyway. After a few repetitive passes with the knife his finger stopped bleeding and the pain went away so he forgot about it and finished the salad. Three days later he remembered the accident and looked at his finger. There was no sign it had been cut.

A woman in Minnesota burned her finger on a hot pot and quickly repeated the action with a different ending. There was no blister and no pain.

A woman in Canada slammed a card door on her fingers and, oblivious to the stares of passers-by, repeated the movement of the door toward her fingers until the pain went away. She had not bruises or cuts.

Perhaps most exciting of all, a woman in California decided to act on the assumption that the subconscious lives only in the present moment and doesn't distinguish between vivid imagination and physical experience. She'd received a bad burn on her leg from a motorcycle exhaust pipe some weeks before, and it had not been healing well. Vividly re-creating the accident in her mind, she gave it an ending change that left her leg clear of the pipe. She did this in her mind about forty times. The long-standing condition which had begun to fester cleared up in three days.

The possibilities of this simple process are fantastic and boundless, especially if we can use it to help the present effects of past events. The best results come from making as small a change in the pattern as possible.

From the book "Urban Shaman"

Urban Shaman
by Serge Kahili King