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Hypnotic Language

Root Problem:
Reconnecting to Your Deepest Truest Awareness

The story told in this pattern invites the listener to travel within him from primary awareness to his secondary awareness. By describing the character in the story as traveling from the city to the wilderness, away from all civilization into the deep woods, I propose to take the client from primary awareness to secondary awareness. The story seeks to motivate the client by a building up of a state of distress and then directing the client towards his outcome as he searches for a remedy to his distress. The remedy exists metaphorically deep in the woods and coming from a particular tree.

The pattern seeks to install a classic NLP "Propulsion System" within the client. The "state of distress" serves as the "Away From" value that pushes the client away from pain and towards a solution. The "search for a remedy" serves as the "Towards Value" that pulls the client towards the resolution of his distress.

Trance inducing details about the visual surroundings invite the listener to associate into the story and then travel into his unconscious mind (the "woods").Similarly, continuation and various states of mind-emotion along with the states corresponding physical sensation combine to pave the path, shifting the listener from distress to solution.

Similarity occurs with the use of the words, "knot" (suggesting the negation of the problem-producing state), "solution" and "root"."Root" invites the listener to go deeper within himself to connect to the root, or origin, of the troubling state. Since the story is a metaphor, the concept of similarity encourages the listener to place the story and its message in category that is similar to his real life issues. The listener is again associated into the problem, dissociated from the problem and then associated into a solution state. Since a person naturally perpetuated whatever state he occupies, the solution state will naturally get applied to the issues that need tending in his or her life-continuation.

The story begins in a large city. Many large buildings surround the center of town and little space can be seen between these tall structures. This restricts the view. Most of the downtown consists of buildings, dark pavements and sidewalks with very few, sparsely spaced trees.

One particular person works in this large city with the large, tall buildings. One particular day he is not feeling well. You know the feeling; something seems just off kilter, sort of out of balance. While internally searching her realizes the nature of the ailment. Once recognizing the issue, the realization then trips a memory of what a very insightful person once told him about the solution. Fortunately his memory links the two together, very convenient. Her remembers hearing about a special root in the wilderness yielding the remedy. He now sets out on a journey from the city to the wilderness to partake of the remedy.

As he begins traveling from downtown toward the outskirts of the city he notices the pattern of diminishing building size and frequency. It almost seems an exchange program because as the buildings decrease the space between them increases the more trees come out to play. Now, also houses begin appearing as the transition continues to include people's dwellings.

Traveling further, fewer and fewer houses can be seen as he moves beyond the dwellings, while more and more trees and space occupy the view of the land. No sidewalks can be seen now as so few people live here -there is no need. Looking in the rear-view mirror he realizes that all truths exist back there, then wondering what truths he will choose to live in the future.

Propelling forwards along the road, moving further and further from the city toward the wilderness, soon the trade is nearly complete. Now just a road weaves among the wilderness of all the trees and natural space. Eventually the road comes to an end but his journey continues. Stepping out of his car, he begins walking along a small but clear path. On each side, a variety of trees, flowers, vines and other growth frame his path. Knowing all the while just what he seeks, he takes note of the different trees and their distinctive bark. This remedy - yielding tree also has a distinctive knot. So he will know when he is at the right place because of the knot.

Strolling along the path he continues observing for the particular tree with the particular bark with the particular root that yields the solution. He immediately knows when he reaches the antidote tree.

This is the most amazing tree. Part of the root system grows deeply underground, because some of the roots need the warmth and nourishment available under the cover of the ground. But another part of the root system grows in such a way as to protrude just above ground level running parallel to the soil. It resembles a partially buried cable. This way it receives both the warmth and nutrition of the earth while meeting the different sustenance needs through partially exposing its roots.

Further, if any of the exposed section of the roots experiences nicks, the tree immediately regenerates the absent portion. It just stays healthy this way. Standing in awe, the respectful visitor blends down collecting a small sample of the exposed root. The nature of the tree is such that only a small portion of the potion will resolve all. It is quite concentrated. Taking and consuming he immediately begins to feel the solution circulating within. He knows, he feels.

After pausing to further absorb the external and internal peace, he gradually begins his journey, going to other places he knows he wants to be. He will retrace his path that brought him to the wilderness going from there, yet the sights and sounds will feel differently from here on. And if he feels the need to return he will not remember his way. What he now knows is the path provides the solution.

From the book "Hypnotic Language"

Hypnotic Language
by John Burton, Bobby Bodenhamer

We each shape our own reality. Perceptions and cognitive processes unique to each of us determine our individual perspective on the world, and we present to ourselves what we are programmed to see. But what if we could change our perceptions and cognitive processes – and consequently our reality?This remarkable book examines the structures of the hypnotic sentence, and the very cognitive dimensions that allow hypnotic language to be effective in changing our minds.