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Different Types of Beliefs

CULTURAL BELIEFS are beliefs imposed on us by our society. For example, the people of the Trobriand Islands engage freely in sexual relations before marriage, but premarital pregnancy is strongly frowned upon. They use no form of contraception, and seldom if every resort to abortion. Yet premarital pregnancy is virtually unknown. This suggests that, because of their cultural beliefs, the unmarried women are unconsciously preventing themselves from getting pregnant.

THE BELIEFS WE EMBODY IN OUR ATTITUDES - Studies have shown that the attitude an expectant mother has toward her baby, and pregnancy in general, has a direct correlation with the complications she will experience during childbirth, as well as with the medical problems her newborn infant will have after it is born. Indeed, an avalanche of studies is available demonstrating the effect our attitudes have on a host of medical conditions.

THE BELIEFS WE EXPRESS THROUGH THE POWER OF OUR WILL - Conscious belief in the form of a steely and unswerving will can also be used to sculpt and control the body. In 1970s, Jack Schwarz, a Dutch-born author and lecturer, astounded researchers in laboratories across the United States with his ability to willfully control his body's internal biological processes. In studies conducted at the Menninger Foundation, the University of California's Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute, and others, Schwarz astonished doctors by sticking mammoth six-inch sailmaker's needles completely through his arms without bleeding, and without flinching. Even when the needles were removed, Schwarz still did not bleed, and the puncture wounds closed tightly. (There are many more cases even more amazing than the one above).

OUR UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS - Another way of accessing the healing force within us is to bypass the thick armor of doubt and skepticism that exists in our conscious minds. Being tricked with a placebo is one way of accomplishing this. Hypnosis is another. Numerous studies have demonstrated irrefutably that under hypnosis a person can influence processes usually considered unconscious. With hypnosis we can even OVERRIDE our GENETIC MAKEUP.

The following example relates a case involving a horribly disfiguring hereditary condition known as Brocq's disease. Victims of Brocq's disease develop a thick, horny covering over their skin that resembles the scales of a reptile. The skin can become so hardened and rigid that even the slightest movement will cause it to crack and bleed.

Brocq's disease was incurable until 1951 when a 16-year-old boy with an advanced case of the affliction was referred as a last resort to a hypnotherapist named A.A. Mason at the Queen Victoria Hospital in London. While the boy was in trance, Mason told him that his Brocq's disease was healing and would soon be gone. Five days later the scaly layer covering the boy's left arm fell off, revealing soft, healthy flesh beneath. By the end of ten days the arm was completely normal. Mason and the boy continued to work on different body areas until all of the scaly skin was gone. The boy remained symptom-free for at least five years, at which point Mason lost touch with him.

This is extraordinary because Brocq's disease is a genetic condition, and getting rid of it involves more than just controlling autonomic processes such as blood flow patterns and various cells of the immune system. It means tapping into the master plan, our DNA programming itself. So, it would appear that when we access the right strata of our beliefs, our minds can override even our genetic makeup.

From the book "Holographic Universe"

Holographic Universe
by Michael Talbot

Talbot explains the theory advanced by U. of London physicist David Bohm and Stanford U. neurophysiologist Karl Pribram that despite its apparent tangible reality, the universe is actually a kind of three- dimensional projection and is ultimately no more real than a hologram, a three-dimensional image projected into space. The book has some amazing stories.