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Breast Enlargement with Hypnosis

A number of researchers and clinicians have produced breast enlargement in women through hypnosis, usually by promoting blood flow in their subjects' breasts through images of sunshine upon them, or the reinstatement of tender, swelling feelings typical of puberty, or the induction of pulsing, tingling sensations associated with sexual arousal.

Some 70 participants in five hypnosis experiments experienced an average bust increase of 1.5 inches, while some women's measurements increased by 3 inches or more. In most of these studies, measurements were carefully made, with consideration of weight changes and the menstrual cycle. As might be expected, highly hypnotizable subjects and those with strong motivation or expectation of success generally experienced the most dramatic results. Some women in these studies had to work through sexual inhibitions that had affected them since puberty.

From the book "Future of the Body"

Future of the Body
by Michael Murphy

"An impressively researched, authoritative, and absolutely mind-boggling survey. Even a casual dipping into his text, which will no doubt become a primary source for future mind-body investigation, will reveal a world of inspiring wonders." - Kirkus Review

"Murphy has accomplished an extraordinary feat in categorizing and synthesizing findings from more than 10,000 studies and reports which collectively provide evidence for the possibility of human transformation, and which may presage the next phase of human evolution." - Noetic Sciences Review